Recent Work

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Protest Is, 2020, 8x10, Watercolor on Paper

Bright Hope for Tomorrow, 2019, 20 x 24, Oil on Canvas

Stitched, ArtPrize 2018, Stitched Paper

Home, ArtPrize 2017, 14x14, Pencil on Paper   

Symbols of Home, 2016, 8x10, 2 pieces, Watercolor on Paper   

Perspective: In God's Hands, ArtPrize 2016, 24x30, Acrylic on Canvas

Martinez & Martinez, 2015, 23x27, Acrylic on Canvas

Justice, Art Prize 2015, 24x18, Acrylic on Canvas

Another Language III, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas

Wabeke Ketubah, 2014, 13.5x10.5, Watercolor on Paper

Psalm 139:9-10, 2014, 30x24, Acrylic on Canvas

 One Voice, ArtPrize 2013, 20x10, Watercolor on Paper

Another Language II, 2013, 16x20, Acrylic on Canvas

A Glimmer of Hope, ArtPrize 2012, 22x28, Mixed Media on Canvas

Windemuller Ketubah, 2012, 8.5x11, Watercolor on Paper

Rainy Day, 2012, 5x7, Watercolor on Paper

Syncretism, 2012, 5x7, Watercolor on Paper

One in a Hundred, 2011, 12x18, Charcoal on Paper

Shredded Materialism (ArtPrize 2011), 2011, 3x6ft, Shredded Paper on Canvas

Another Language, 2011, 18x24, Acrylic on Canvas

Mayan Mask, 2010, 22.5x17.5, Acrylic on Clay

When Peace, 2010, 22x36, Oil on Canvas
Forgotten History I, 2010, 21x36, Mixed Media on Canvas
Forgotten History II, 2010, 21x36, Mixed Media on Canvas

And it Rises, 2011, 24x32, Shredded Paper on Canvas

Prodigal, 2011, 4.5x3.5, Watercolor on Paper

Big Star Cottage, 2011, 4.5x6.5, Watercolor on Paper

Modern Day Plantation, 2011, 24x30, Acrylic on Canvas

Fair Trade, 2008, 30x30, Acrylic on Masonite

Logo for the Ecosystem Preserve of Calvin College, 2010, Graphic Design

Heaven, 2010, 12x12, Acrylic on Canvas

Wisdom, 2010, 11x15, Oil on Canvas

The Attic, 2010, 20x24, Oil on Canvas

Engulfed, Self Portrait, 2011, 16x20, Oil on Canvas