About Alison:
Alison is an artist living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is married to Kendal Wabeke, her biggest fan. Her art career began at a young age as she has always enjoyed creating art. She graduated from Calvin College in 2011, with a BA in Spanish, a BA in Recreational Therapy and Minors in Art and Psychology. She currently works for a Christian non-profit organization called The Association For a More Just Society (AJS) as the Director of Programs. She loves to travel, play piano, and create art. Her studies focus on drawing, painting, and using old materials to create something new.

Artist Statement:

I enjoy painting and creating art about subjects and themes that I love. I also enjoy collecting and creating from used materials to make something beautiful. I love to explore various ideas and topics that challenge every day thinking and I dream of a world that works together to truly seek justice.