About Alison

Alison Wabeke is an artist living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is married to Kendal Wabeke, her biggest fan. Her art career began at a young age after her Dad gave her drawing lessons and taught her how to fall in love with art. Alison graduated with a BA from Calvin College in 2011 and with an MBA from Central Michigan University in 2020. In addition to pursuing art, she works for a non-profit organization called The Association For a More Just Society (ASJ) as the Director of Programs.

Artist Statement:

"My work focuses on drawing, painting, and collage, and I enjoy finding beauty in the everyday ordinary. I believe art is a platform that can be used to tell a bigger story, challenge everyday thinking, and effect change. When something is on my heart, the artist inside of me screams with ideas until I have found a way to visually portray it to others - it's a sort of artist obligation that I have. I believe art and the story it tells should be beautiful, respectful, and challenging."


Alison Wabeke
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What story do you want to tell through art? 

I would love to work with you to visually tell your story through art. In addition, most of the work shown on the website is for sale. For information about particular pieces, commissions, or to purchase artwork, please contact Alison by email as listed above.