Wednesday, February 5, 2020




ArtPrize 2020 was cancelled a few months before installation. See below to learn more about what we did accomplish as a part of Project 99. 


Foster parents provide a safe, nurturing home for children until they can be returned to their families.

We interviewed foster parents and it was clear how rewarding it is to be a foster parent. Yet, on average, foster parents have a 50% burnout rate and agencies estimate that 70% of certified homes do not make it through their second year.

In order to provide a consistent, loving environment for children in foster care, foster parents need to be supported by their community. We asked foster parents in Michigan for unique ways that they have felt community support.

Some of their answers were expected – babysitting, bringing meals, and transportation. Other answers were more surprising - smiling in the grocery store, giving a hug, or mailing a card. 

“It's the little things that people did that made the most difference" 
Kurt, Foster Parent

Our community can change the foster parent burnout rates by providing support – no matter our age or abilities. When foster parents thrive, foster children can too. 


I am an artist who believes art is a platform to tell a bigger story, challenge everyday thinking, and effect change. After fostering and adopting my nephew, my parents decided to open their arms to foster other children and I learned first-hand how valuable community supports are in foster care. I hope this project will shift communities’ perspective by connecting the average person with practical ways they can get involved with foster care without becoming foster parents.

I am a West Michigan native with strong ties to the foster care community. Not only do I work in the field, but I have lived experience navigating both foster care and adoption. I am honored to be able to create messaging around the success and needs in foster care through my employer, but even more honored to use the bigger platform of ArtPrize. My hope is this project will open the eyes and the hearts of those in our community to show how they can support people in their most vulnerable state. Success is driven by support, in any capacity; and everyone has something they can do, no matter how small.

I am a videographer who believes in telling powerful stories, inspiring others to action, and in serving God and others. I believe that we need community to thrive, and that we need to work on serving foster families better as a society to help them succeed. I hope that this project will encourage others to take action in finding ways to serve foster families.

I am a programmer/composer from Wilsonville Oregon, and my goal in my work is that my creativity will point to God, the ultimate Creator. Since my youth, I’ve had a passion for composing music, and have found a particular inclination towards large ensemble and chamber music. I believe that large and long-lasting change must be forged incrementally, and it is in this belief that I hope that every person to observe this project will be inspired to make a positive change in their lives, however small.