Thursday, August 30, 2012

And the Countdown Begins!

This is the current progress that I have made on the piece. Some things that I have learned (actually I already knew most of them I just re-realized them): 

1. Moving the corner of the mouth up or down a millimeter can change an entire facial expression

2. It's really hard to figure out where the 2 corners of the mouth should go to get the expression just right

3. It takes a lot of time to cut millimeter sized pieces of paper and move them around on a piece of canvas

4. So much can be read by someone's facial expression! 

5. I find myself looking in the mirror moving the corners of my mouth up and down and trying to figure out how to portray that on a canvas

The background of the piece is also coming together - with intentional circles and swirls around specific texts and images that I want to highlight. This picture shows an example of some key points to the history and current situation of Cambodia (The trial of Khmer Rouge leaders and the logo of Genesis Community Transformation (GCT)). 

There are just a few short weeks until ArtPrize 2012! I'll get that facial expression just right before then...

My piece will be a part of the "Art to Change the World" exhibit at Fountain Street Church. The exhibit will honor the role art plays as a change agent for social and economic justice and its ability to communicate basic human rights issues and to envision a more perfect world. 

My current Art "Studio"/bedroom :)

The Opening Artist Reception will be held in the evening on Wednesday, September 19. More information and details about parking to follow! For more information about Fountain Street Church and also to see other artists that will be hosted there, click on the link below. It looks to be an exciting exhibit with lots of very talented artists!

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