Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fountain Street Church, ArtPrize 2012

I am excited to be an ArtPrize Artist hosted at Fountain Street Church this coming Fall 2012! Choosing a venue is always a difficult process but I am very excited about the theme that Fountain Street Church has chosen for this year's ArtPrize exhibit - "Art to Change the World".

Fountain Street Church and the American Civil Liberties Union are co-hosting an exhibit titled, "Art to Change the World: Confronting Oppression, Embracing the Human Spirit" The exhibit will honor the role art plays as a change agent for social and economic justice and its ability to communicate basic human rights issues and to envision a more perfect world.

For more information about Fountain Street Church and also to see the other artists that will be hosted there, click on the link below. There are some beautiful art pieces and sculpture pieces!