Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Show Open Until May 11 and ArtPrize 2012

This is the last week to see my current Art Show at Bethlehem Lutheran Church! The show will officially close on Friday, May 11. Stop by daily from 6:30am-6:00pm or on Sunday morning and afternoons. Read about the story behind each piece, leave comments in the guestbook, and learn about the work that Bethlehem Church is doing in Grand Rapids. When you enter the building, turn left and head up the stairs to see the show.  The picture on the right is an example of one of the many groupings of paintings in the show!

Here is an example of a piece and its description from the show that has been sold but can still be viewed until May 11.

Heaven, 2010, 12x12, Acrylic on Canvas
A place where living people cannot truly describe. A place where various religions have differing beliefs about what the next life may hold. A place where I will forever imagine.
This piece was created using a palette knife and the ends of paintbrushes to create a textured look. As it was painted, the canvas was turned every few minutes to catch and move dripping paint. The goal was to create an abstract piece, but the end product trumped this goal by drawing the viewer in to a mysterious  landscape. 

For more information about the show, visit:

Also, I have started the process of creating a piece for ArtPrize 2012. You would think that I would have learned from last year that cutting, sorting, and gluing paper is a tedious task - yet I have chosen a similar medium for my 2012 entry.  :) This year, instead of shredding advertisements with a paper shredder, I have chosen to cut and tear paper images and text from various Cambodian organizations. This image shows a small, zoomed in part of the piece to give you an idea of how I am placing the paper and how each layer creates contours of a face.

I'm afraid to say that it is just as tedious, if not more, than last year's entry. But, although it is a slow and careful process, it provides me time to be conscious of the art that I am creating and the message that I want to give. The next few weeks will be full of many artists connecting with venues and creating artist profiles about their work - check it out at!

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